Week 10 Part A: Researching Email Marketing

   Jon Golding  Well in the world of marketing, I feel like we are bombarded with all sorts of marketing everyday to the point it gets really annoying.  Peoples inboxes are full of junk to the point it actually makes finding personal emails difficult.   Although they can give you a sense of "belonging"  to a niche, I personally do not feel they would be very effective for yoga clothing buyers.    Not sending a news letter for my products.  Did Supreme clothing use emails to hype up their brand? Not really:   "Another odd detail about Supreme is the low sending frequency of their emails. At best, you'll get an email once a week when products drop, but if you didn't elect to receive drop alerts emails are few and far between." *1 .  I find little sense dropping a whole newsletter about a new logo or design.    The only thing I would assimilate from the email marketing would be an online yoga class (in the long run since it will be costly and would have to deve

Week 9 Part B: Using Categories

I would incorporate categories that have to do with yoga.  It is a science so there is a lot of places were you can find yoga.  It is interesting when you see professional athletes using it as a compliment, or people healing from injuries, even mental illness.  So there are a lot of places that can give the blog/vlog/podcast or webinars, some variations.   I would also incorporate things like diet and health advice. The overall goal for the audience is to feel they are gaining some overall health from the experience.  Art is a good thing to incorporate as well. The idea is to paint a lifestyle geared towards wellness. There is a lot of distress going on so there is a huge need for healing.  Can interview musicians who practice yoga etc.         Had already commented but I commented again on :      1 Flaherty_Natasha Manley's Dragons And Exotics Pet Breeder INSTAGRAM 3 England_Daniel BLOG Cross Rocket Marketing* FACEBOOK 1 Lendy_Teri Teresa Joy's Art INSTAGRAM The titles for wha

Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts & Webinars

   Jon Golding   It makes sense to add personal touch for example to a pasta sauce brand, like for example: the legend of the pasta dinners at home by the incredible Mother of a cook. I worked at a Mexican restaurant in New York and the story was that the maid of a wealthy New Yorker cooked so good her boss invested in her with a restaurant.  (Really a fable since it was owned by Chinese who had Mexicans working).    However there are more credible accounts for example GT kombucha has the story that the stuff was brewed at home for a mother with cancer, she ultimately recovered and much of the success was attributed to the kombucha.  (I personally think this is why the stuff sells, since even the owner and CEO makes fun of his funky tasting kombucha that will make you feel great).    You might want to keep personal ouch out of car commercials or a machining supply warehouse ad.  People are only interested in tech specifications, perhaps the style of the car but I think people do not wa

Week 8 Part A: How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags

 Jon Golding    a)      b)    c)    d) a) Instagram seems to be effective for them.  They have a lot of visually engaging posts with models using the yoga clothing, pics of phrases mostly photographic posts. For the most part the photography looks proffecional, although a bit pixelated.  They use the hashtags: #happysunday #yoga,  #brandnew #yoga #inspiredyogis #mondaymontra,  @jalaclothing #yoga #yogaclothing, #yoga #yogaclothing #pose, etc. Every pic has hashtags. 912 followers. They were posting about once a week until 2014 when they stopped.  They get the most response out of yoga poses.  They get about 25 likes max per post with 912 followers. No comments just likes in posts.  They have good use of photography and models, however the page looks like its out of business making me realize that this field is

Week 7 Part B: How Other Class Businesses Use Instagram

Jon Golding   Lendi Terri     Morrissette Ty  Pisciotta William  Tangedal Eric     Flaherty_Natasha

Week 7 Part A: Get Visual with Instagram - Let a Picture Tell the Story

  Jon Golding: Since Joy, Awe, Amusement and Laughter are the most shared articles on the net I used short posts to produce such feelings.  I will look into issues with publishing content like 3rd party health articles or yoga articles on a brands page.